Seeing far away into you

These days I’m addicted to Stephen’s song which features the great IN-Q ( Adam Schmalholz) called Start a fire. And IN-Q opens the song stating that:

“You’re not going through it, it’s going through you
And once it’s all gone, you’ll become the new you
With a different perspective, from the same point of view
Fully unaffected by the old truth you once knew

Connected at the roots to the trunk to the branches
To the leaves and the way they fly away in wind dances
A frantic seesaw; free-fall in midair that represents
The floating folly of us all being here
We are complicated creatures, huh?”

But I’ll add that we all want to achieve same simple things: happiness, fulfillment, love. But we complicate our lives by choosing complicated paths.

I remember one anecdote one my philosophy professors was telling us back in the time when I was a student. For sure my memory lost the details of it, but it goes like that: There was a fisherman ( I will call him Ion because in every each of us is an Ion) living happily in a small island together with his family. They were enjoying the sun and the happiness of a simple life, having enough to eat thanks to the gift of sea, playing at sunset and nothing seemed to disturb their happiness. Their days were mainly spent together, as fishing in the early morning allowed him to have the rest of the day for his family and friends. Until one day Ion saw a bigger ship than his and he wished, as well, for a bigger one. He said to himself that a bigger ship will mean a better amount of fish caught, which definitely will mean more money. Having more money means he can buy more ships and hire people to work for him and ultimately, in the end, these bussiness will gain him more time for him and his family to live peacefully, enjoy the life of the little island, playing at sunset.

This is how we act as well, being a Ion which gives his peace in exchange for …hardly achieved peace.

Jon Jandai(funny his name is also Jon, isn’t it? And I didn’t pay attention to it when I chosed Ion for my character) talks about the exact thing happening to him as well. Born in the north of Thailand, he had a normal, happy life in the north village of Thailand. His nightmare started when he got his first tv ever. People from the village came to him and showed him another reality, that he’s actually ..poor. He didn’t have any clue by then that he is poor. So being told that he must go to Bangkok „to pursuit succes” he decides to pack a few things and leave his old lifestyle for the busy Bangkok life(happens to a lot of us to search for a better place in a bigger city isn’t it?) and to start a life where he can achieve more money and therefore happiness. But days were passing and he was sadder and hungrier, so he decides to turn back in his village. The rest of the story I’ll let you watch here as Jon express himself in a modest way so you can see how in the end he had the “problem” of having too many houses, so many rooms that he couldn’t decide where to sleep into.

As Adam Schamholz says in the end, “why is this happening to me and why is this happening for me” are two different scenarios, by changing only

One word.

Be grateful, happiness is inside of you and not outside. Tell me when you find yours



2 thoughts on “Seeing far away into you

  1. People are created to be loved.Things are created to be used.The reason why the in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.
    We as people we became so materialistic that we think happiness and fullfilness is found in the things.

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