My own reality

    In my reality, I won’t give up on you. I failed at this, but you see my struggle. Even my misspelled name is a form of a promise: “ʻohana means family in the Hawaiian language, but in a much wider sense, to include not only one’s closest relatives, but also one’s friends, race, and other neighbors. The idea is also that family and friends are bound together and everyone must work together and not forget each other.” That’s a promise.

   In my reality, we don’t mistreat each other. I know I am the lucky one for having someone like you here, so I use any opportunity to show you I care for you. Big time. Praising someone for what he is bringing good in this world instead of focusing on his falls says a lot. Judging is easy, but I don’t like easy things.

     In my reality, we don’t hurt each other. There are 7 billion people in this world which might hurt you. I chose to not be a part of them. I’ll be your support and I’ll show you your flaws, but I’ll accept them because I know I have mines. Together we can work to fix them, with patience and respect towards each other.

 In my reality, you’re the Best. Person. Ever. That’s because I’m trying to be the best version of me, and I wouldn’t allow someone less to not overcome their status. Together is easier to grow as persons.

 In my reality, I don’t believe in coincidences, especially when it comes to people which are walking in our lives. So I am carefully analyzing you and what you can teach me because I grow stronger by learning from those around me. Thinking you know everything shows actually how less you acknowledge yourself. So please, surprise me by being .. you.

       And talking about acknowledging yourself, in my reality you value as much as I do, or even more. Today’s society is all about discovering yourself, creating yourself, promoting yourself. So self-centered that we’ve become lonely in our attempts to acknowledge who we are. So I’ll take my time to acknowledge you for being beautiful inside out, to remind yourself of your purpose and to happily be by your side in your climbings and your falls.

   In my reality, you’re my savior. Because you’ve been next to me when I most needed. Facebook loses the track of history posts, but I do remember you took my side when I needed the most. And I thank you for doing that.

    In my reality, we don’t lie to each other. A lie cuts the connection deep enough to not be fixed ever again. My flaw is that I forget easily but I will never forget. And we’ll both suffer. Honesty is what is guiding my actions, so I won’t throw dirtiness on you by lying. And I won’t allow myself to get dirty by lying towards friends.

  In my reality, I will respect you as much as I respect myself. And this means endless respect. Deep as the sea. Best things in life come only from beauty and light, and I’ve never seen someone upset when it was fully appreciated. I’ll respect and love you because I know that’s the only way to receive it back.

    In my reality, we don’t throw bad words towards each other. That’s for the weak ones. I’ll step back on my fury and my ego and I’ll remember you’re more important than those. So I’ll let the silence calm the storm. And then I’ll invite you for a coffee, sweet enough to take the bitterness away from us.

  In my reality, I’ll always answer your phone or text in the middle of the night. Because I know how many times I woke you up like this. And I know sharing midnight thoughts is easing our minds. 

     In my reality, we take long walks, talking about us and our dreams. We connect and we only support each other’s goals. Because your goals become mine as well.

          In my reality, we don’t tease each other, because that makes people insecure and insecurities can break someone down. We know our weakness and it hurts even more when someone is pointing them. So I’ll tell you how amazing you look and how smart and funny you are. Because that sets you above others.

That’s what makes my reality when it comes to dear ones. Been wandering away for the past years, but I know this post goes straight to the heart of those I still have a strong connection with. And it goes in the same way for those I just met, and they’re just as important to me.

For all these ones, I am wondering how much our realities match.

Oana Liță

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