Changing priorities

Have you ever wondered why you keep on wishing to gain the best for you, but you end up having the totally opposite, which doesn’t bring you any pleasure?

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about the right thing for you, but you fail into making the right selection over and over again?

Sounds like the beginning of a commercial which gives you easy solutions, right? Unfortunately I don’t know the shortcut to get the best results, but I know that the difference between what you think and what you get is all about priorities.
You acknowledge your biggest dreams and deepest desires most of the time, but you lose interest and focus and you let them skip. Day by day.
And why is that? Maybe because we’re not strong enough to follow our desires, so we fail in making them our priorities. Maybe because we’re in our comfort zone, and we know that by risking less we’ll get what we usually get, and why not? At the end of the day, Russian roulette where you might lose everything if you bet everything might be a dangerous game. Too dangerous one.
So we get ourselves drawn in an ocean of come and go, “Yolo” and short term decisions.
We forget to prioritize our tasks, and we end up being the last ones in our domain.
We forget to prioritize our beliefs, and we end up waving around without a target.
We forget to prioritize the most important people in our life, and we end up losing them.
The old books teach us the same lesson, a trilogy to take care of: body, mind and soul.

Prioritize your body, so you don’t end up in your 50s being someone who looks sick of life, whose breath barely can be heard and whose face can barely be recognized from the old pictures.

Prioritize your mind, because without giving “food” to your brain you fail into rising yourself among others, you fail in realizing that awareness is the highest and most complete circle someone can achieve.

Prioritize your soul, because trust me, you can hide your physical imperfections, but you can never hide a rotten soul.

Remember that nothing comes to us for free, there’s a price to be paid for everything we ever got in our life. We were born in an immaculate state, so is our main duty to maintain it and raise it as much as we can.
So what happens if we forget to pay our debt day by day? We end up alone and desperate.
We end up with a miserable life style which no ones is interested in discovering it, we end up with families turning their backs towards us, we end up with relationships which turn to dust. Nothing lasts without your having it as a priority and investing time, effort and love into it.
Do you think we’ll be here if that someone wouldn’t have put His trust, time, effort and love?
We have to remind ourselves every morning when we wake up what’s our purpose in life and what are our priorities.
In this game, as much as you put out you get out of it. I guess that’s the reason karma worked for thousands of years without someone reporting a defect to it 🙂
If you don’t make a priority out of something or someone, you’ll end up always with the left overs.

Take care of you and those around you. Make it a priority.

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